Chamomile Tea During Pregnancy – Is Chamomile Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

pregChamomile tea is common among tea drinkers and people who have trouble sleeping. This type of tea helps to induce sleep. Chamomile tea is made from asteraceae plants which are part of the sunflower family. This herbal tea helps you to unwind, can reduce muscle inflammation and it can promote sleep.

When a woman is pregnant her body is going through many changes. Expectant mothers are often very cautious about what they put in their body because what they consume affects their baby. For example, many avoid caffeinated beverages because of its known negative side effects to the fetus. Expectant mother might consider drinking tea instead because it is healthier. But is chamomile tea safe to drink during pregnancy?

Is it safe? No!

Sadly there is not a lot of research out there about the side effects of herbal teas and the results that are available are often mixed. There is a general consensus though that chamomile tea should be avoided during pregnancy.

Premature Labor

The plants that are used to make this tea can stimulate the uterus which can cause contractions. This can result in the premature birth of your child. These uterine contractions put you at a greater risk for premature labor and contractions can occur as rapidly as 4 per hour. This puts both you and your unborn child at risk.


Since this tea causes the uterus to contract this can result in more serious consequences such as a miscarriage. Chamomile is actually referred to as an “abortifacient” which means that high amounts of this tea produces the same effects of drugs that are used to induce an abortion. Yes, it is true that the uterus has to contract in order for you to give birth but early and unnatural uterine contractions are unsafe for the child and could result in a miscarriage

Other side effects

Chamomile tea can also result in birth defects if the baby survives. The natural herbs in the tea interfere with the baby’s development. Although the natural herbs in this tea are good for adults and offer benefits they are toxic to a child.

Drink ginger tea instead

Instead of drinking chamomile tea, try drinking ginger tea. Ginger offers nausea relief, helps digestion and it settles your stomach. All of these benefits combined should help you sleep. Cut some fresh ginger and boil it in on the stove, then drink up – the fresher the better. Before you consider drinking any type of tea during pregnancy it is best to consult with your physician just to be aware of potential side effects.

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