Twinnings Chamomile Tea

twinning-300x195Twinnings tea is a very popular brand of tea that almost everyone has heard of. It was originally created in London in 1706, but is now very popular around the world. They offer a variety of teas ranging from sleep aids to energy providers. All of your needs can be met by Twinnings. One of their more popular teas is Chamomile.

Twinnings Chamomile Tea is a golden color and it has a very mellow flavor. It is an herbal tea that is made from the flowers of daisy-like plants. It contains no caffeine, which is great. Chamomile has been used for centuries, dating far back to the Egyptians and Greeks. The Egyptians used to offer this herb to the gods because of its varying benefits. The Greeks also used it for many things in their culture and eventually began to call it “ground apple” because the tea has a subtle apple scent. The twinning’s brand offers chamomile tea that is 100% natural with no additives.

This tea produces a calming effect and is often used to help treat insomnia. People use it to help relax. This tea is a favorite among many people across the world, and it is seen as the perfect night time tea.

What do you users think?

The best people to review a product are the actual users of the particular product. Many people have great things to say about Twinnings Chamomile Tea.

  • The taste is light and smooth which is nice because you can calmly drink it while you are trying to unwind at the end of the day.
  • The tea offers other benefits other than just helping relaxation and sleep quality. It also helps with digestion, headaches, menstrual cramps and muscle pain.
  • Other brands often have a bad after taste resembling that of hay or grass. This is caused by the flowers growing with these other plants. Twinnings Chamomile Tea has no traces of this after taste. Instead the taste is pleasant and pure.
  • The color of this tea is very dark compared to other brands on the market. This is great because it offers more flavoring. With other brands you often have to steep 2 teabags at a time to get the same color as Twinnings Chamomile.
  • Many chamomile teas on the market are blends – this means they are chamomile mixed with other flavorings. This also contributes to the lighter color of other brands. This is not the case with Twinnings this tea is 100% pure chamomile.
  • The tea offers of very pleasant smell of flowers mixed with an apple like scent.
  • Packaging of this tea is very convenient. The tea is shipped in a box, but what is different about this brand is that each teabag is individually wrapped in a thin sheet of plastic. This is perfect because it allows your tea to hold flavor and last longer. When tea is exposed to air it can lose some of its flavor – this is a common phenomenon with most tea brands. This problem is completely avoided with Twinnings Chamomile Tea because each bag is individually wrapped which makes it long lasting.
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